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An Indigenous Protected Area ( IPA) is an area of Aboriginal owned land that is rich in biodiversity which adds to the National Reserve System.

The Lands Council manages approximately 3000 hectares  including The Willows, and the adjoining property Boorabee which is owned by  Boorabee Aboriginal Corporation which all members are Ngoorabul people.


There are a total of 360 taxa across 80 plant species have been recorded, and continues to grow with better seasons. Five of these species have been identified as rare or threatened.


Over 140 species of birds have  been recorded in the IPA . The majority of these being woodland birds. Of these 9 have been identified as being rare and threatened. The best time to see the diversity in birds  is spring and mid-summer depending on rainfall throughout the season.


A number of mammals have been identified throughout  the area. Continuing studies including Elliot trapping and spotlighting activities are carried out throughout the year. All along the river Platypus can be found.

The Koala

The Koala is special to the Ngoorabul people, We endeavour to increase  the number of koala’s on the IPA through revegetation of koala food trees and monitoring of the population through spotlighting and call back activities at various time of the year.


The Severn River provides a diverse habitat for a number of species including fish, crayfish, turtles and shrimps.  Fish include the great Murray Cod, Yellow Belly, Catfish and Bream.