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About Us

Glen Innes Local Aboriginal Land Council was incorporated 4th April 1984 under the NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983. Under the Land Rights Act 1983 Local Aboriginal Land Council primary function is to manage lands that have been vested, leased or purchased and other activities in accordance with the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 all decision making was the responsibility of the membership until changes to the Aboriginal Land Rights Act in 2007. The main changes where to move from the membership decision process to Board of Directors and the separation of powers between Boards and the Administration arms  with the appointments of Chief Executive Officers whom responsibilities are the day to day management of the Aboriginal land Council. The Board is elected by the membership for a period of two years elections for new Boards was held 30th September 2013. Glen Innes Local Aboriginal Land Councils current Board consist of nine members they areļ¼š Chairperson               Ms. Jacqueline Byrne Deputy Chairperson    Mr.Richard Potter Board Member           Mrs. Karen Potter Board Member           Ms. Debra Cutmore Board Member    Mrs. Maria Byrne Board Member           Ms. Rosemary Curtis Board Member           Ms. Eileen Livermore            Glen Innes Local Aboriginal Land Council also provides a social house scheme for Aboriginals with low incomes, and also assists the Aboriginal Community to access mainstream service providers.